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.: Modoc Raceway April 17, 2021 Results :.
Maness, B. Overton, Chester, C. Overton, Alexander, & Windham Top Starrette Memorial Checkers

Street Stock - The presumed winner was disqualified in post race tech. Jimmy Maness (78 years old) was declared the winner! With the popular win, Maness collected $1,022 for the win.

Ultimate Super Late Models: Making his second appearance in 2021, Brandon Overton made it 2 for 2. Brandon won $7,500 in February and pickup up $5,022 for tonight’s win. (Richard Barnes photo)

602 Bandits Series:
Chet Chester also got his second win at the Doc in 2021. Chet took home the first place price of $1,222

604 Crate Late Model:
Similar to the Street Stock race, the presumed winner was disqualified in post race inspection, elevating Cody Overton to 1st place and earning $1,222 for the win

Road Warrior:
Kary Alexander got his first win in 2021 at the Doc taking the $722 first place

Walker Windham was shaking down a brand new car and came away with the $1,022 win.

Top 5:
Street Stock:
71 Jim Maness
8 Kenny Hutchins
56B Damian Thorne
24 Mike Stuart
13 Chase Mims

Super Late Model:
Jack Starrette Memorial
  1. Brandon Overton
  2. Trent Ivey
  3. Zack Mitchell
  4. Ross Bailes
  5. Anthony Sanders
  6. Matthew Nance
  7. Benji Hicks
  8. Dustin Mitchell
  9. Pearson Lee Williams
  10. Kenny Collins
  11. Jimmy Sharpe Jr.
  12. Cla Knight
  13. Nick Schlager
  14. Dennis Franklin
  15. Jeff Smith
  16. Josh Richeson
  17. Ahnna Parkhurst
  18. Will Harris
  19. Brian Ledbetter
  20. Doug Sanders
  21. Corey Gordon
  22. Adam Yarbrough
  23. Brett Hamm
  24. G.R. Smith
  25. John Baker
  26. Joshua Bishop
  27. Brent Dixon

602 Bandits:
9 Chet Chester
14 Hadden Cowan
55 Ricky McClain
107z Chaz Haskins
21 Tyler Sanders

604 Late Models:
97 Cody Overton
21x Bob Robertson
27 Ben Faircloth
4B Brandon Carpenter
20 Cole Godowns

Road Warrior:
2 Kary Alexander
83 Brady English
22B Michael Brown
1 Chris Stuart
4 Bubba Shaw

72 WalkerWindham