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Update: August Race Date Change

Change to race in AUGUST. We will now be racing on August 23rd, 2014. We are trying to stay in sync with our fellow race tracks and are continuously working around their schedule as they are with us.

Update: June 16th
The RACEIVER that we are referring to that is mandatory for all drivers in all divisions is the communication race receiver. We have about 10 in stock and at the last race, we only lended out 2. We have not ordered anymore as there has not been a demand per request. This is a mandatory requirement by our race director so that he can communicate with all drivers from start of event to the end of the event. If you need one this race, we will be renting them out for a 10.00 charge. Last race was free in order to give everyone a chance to get their own or let us know if we needed to provide one for this upcoming race June 21st.


Please make sure to check out the website for Crate Division for all rules and regulations as we announced before the last race on May 31st that we would be following their guidelines on tires, etc.


SECA Racing Website Rules & Regulations link


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