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Modoc Raceway

We are in the process of working on the 2016 Racing schedule.
Please share this post and help us get the word out that all things considered for 2016 are in the planning phase. This will cut down on the over abundance repetitive calls we are receiving where no answers are available yet. As always, we update on all social media platforms immediately following decisions.
As a reminder – – – –
There will be NO make up date for the last race of the 2015 season that was rained out. As stated before, due to the upcoming cold weather, busy Big Race Seasons and the Holidays, we will not be able to have a weekend that will be sufficient to open the track.

Clay Needed at Modoc – Read Below.

Clay Needed at Modoc


Doc Scruggs – Photo Gallery and Race Results!  




I raced at modoc bout 20 years ago, like the new track, wished it would of looked like that back when I was racing !
Derrick Stone